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Are you tired of doubting yourself?

Are you ready to claim your confidence?

Do you want to overcome your insecurities and be your authentic self?


Empowering Queer men
of color to
reignite their self-worth
& gain the confidence
to take what they deserve

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why i'm your coach

I’m a queer man of color who's unafraid to dance to the beat of his own drum and lip-sync to his favorite songs.

Hitting rock bottom made me realize I had no control of myself and lived my life in shame. My compulsive behaviors led to many dangerous situations resulting in me wanting to end my life.

Pulling from my own life experiences & using the skills and tools i've acquired I'll help you discover your self-worth and get rid of the doubt that is keeping you from being your authentic self.

Self awareness truly changed me and has given me the confidence to lead with authenticity and ultimately start my own business which I once thought was impossible!

I have endured some catastrophic experiences in my life that shaped my mind into thinking I was unworthy but I have learned along my journey very important tools that have allowed me to become the person I am today and continue to be the best version of myself.

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"Through coaching with Joshua I was able to uncover self-limiting beliefs and take the trip across the world I had been thinking about my whole life"

- Michela Rameau

"Being coached by Joshua has opened me up to a lot more of myself that I had hidden for so long. I am extremely grateful and want to share if you are in a wanting to grow and change, getting coached by Joshua is the wave."

- Ruben Gonzalez